Kelly Kage


Whether it be through a complex medical illustration or an abstract acrylic painting, through my artwork I strive to capture and portray the fascinating and intricate details that exist in the natural world.


My passions for both art and science are perfectly integrated in the field of medical illustration. Here I specialize in the art of combining my illustrative skills and scientific knowledge to create informative and aesthetically pleasing artwork. Utilizing a variety of techniques and artistry, I create illustrations portraying surgical procedures, medical devices, personal injuries, general anatomy, and much more. Other scientific interests of mine include vertebrate & human evolution, cosmology, SETI, paleontology, and ornithological studies.


M.F.A., Medical Illustration; Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Thesis: A Portrayal of Biomechanics in Avian Flight

B.S., Biology with Chemistry Minor; SUNY College at Oneonta


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